The Transifex Client

The Transifex Client is a command line tool that enables you to easily manage your translations within a project without the need of an elaborate UI system.

You can use the command-line client to easily create new resources, map locale files to translations and synchronize your Transifex project with your local files and vice versa. Translators and localization managers can also use it to handle large volumes of translation files easily and without much hassle.

If your distribution or operating system does not include a package for transifex-client, please refer to the section Getting the client.


To make sure that transifex client was installed correctly, try running it with the following command:

$ tx --help

If everything was completed, then you should see a brief help message and basic instructions on how to use the tool. You can also view the available commands by running:

$ tx help

To get more information for each command you can use tx help command.

Command list